Flying Fish vs Yards

2015 Brewbracket Round of 32


Flying Fish   VS   Yards Brewery
The winner is ... Yards Brewery
Flying FIsh
30% (14 votes)
70% (33 votes)
Total votes: 47

Welcome to the Mid-Atlantic region of the Odessa Brewfest brewbracket! The closer we get to the brewfest (Sept 12, 2015), the closer we get, geographically, with our fine craft breweries. All of the breweries featured in the 2015 brewbracket were at the festival last year, demonstrating the variety of excellent beers to sample!

Today we have Flying Fish, New Jersey's largest and best-known craft brewer. Located in Somerdale near Cherry Hill, Flying Fish is the pride of South Jersey, purveor of fine brews since 1995. Well-known selections include Red Fish, Hopfish IPA, Exit 4 Trippel and Exit 16 IPA (the last two from the brewery's "exit" series). 

Philly Beer Scene: Flying Fish and Yards

Just over the river in Philadelphia stands another titan of the mid-Atlantic beer scene, Yards. Since 1994, Yards Brewing Company has been creating tasty British-inspired ales along the Delaware, a line-up that today includes Extra Special Ale, Brawler, Love Stout and Belgian Saison. The Ales of the Revolution series pays homage to founding fathers including Thomas Jefferson.

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