Yards vs DuClaw

2017 Brewbracket Quarterfinal Round


Yards Brewery   VS   DuClaw of Maryland
The winner is ... Yards Brewery
57% (120 votes)
43% (89 votes)
Total votes: 209

In this round of the #OdessaBrewbracket, Yards and DuClaw are going head-to-head.

Yards has ties to British inspired ales, striving to achieve balance and subtlety through careful selection of ingredients and an unwavering commitment to artisanal production practices. Fan favorites include the Love Stout and Thomas Jefferson's Tavern Ale, which glean inspiration from olden British times. In contrast, DuClaw's fresh beer selection is full of quirkily flavor combos like the Sweet Baby Jesus (a chocolate peanut butter porter) and other aptly fanciful beer titles that live up to their names. Drink a DuClaw beer and you'll find yourself liking the twist on taste they offer.

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