Semifinal: Victory vs Mispillion

2015 Brewbracket Semifinal Round


Victory Brewing   VS   Mispillion River
The winner is ... Mispillion River
35% (144 votes)
65% (268 votes)
Total votes: 412

The second half of our brewbracket final four offers Downingtown's Victory Brewing and Milton's Mispillion River. Both beers love the water—the Brandywine, in Victory's case, and the eponymous Mispillion of Mispillion River Brewing. It seems fitting to honor these two great Delaware waterways as we gear up for the Odessa Brewfest this weekend. Odessa, along the Appoquonimink, was an important port town in the 18th century. 

Part of the fun of the Odessa Brewfest is learning history and enjoying the beauty of a preserved 18th century town, while sampling the very best beers from around the nation. Also avaiable at the festiveal are fine local wines and spirits, delicious food, clothing, artisanal crafts and housewares. Come on down to Odessa on Sept. 12!

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