Crooked Hammock vs Bellefonte

2018 Brewbracket Opening Round of 32


a fixture in Lewes, Delaware, offering up a selection of delicious brews   VS   Bellefonte Brewing Co
The winner is ... Bellefonte Brewing Co
Crooked Hammock
29% (72 votes)
71% (180 votes)
Total votes: 252

This round of the #OdessaBrewbracket features two first time contestants from Delaware, Crooked Hammock and Bellefonte.

Crooked Hammock

Crooked Hammock came about due to one man's desire to live at the beach. From this very positive and totally understandable desire came a passion for brewing great beer in a beautiful setting. Today, Crooked Hammock Brewery is a fixture in Lewes, DE, offering up a selection of delicious brews including their Beach Escape IPA.


Hailing from Wilmington, DE, Bellefonte Brewing Co. hosts eight regular production beers and two taps dedicated to rotational beers. Reflecting the home-brew origins, Bellefonte sells brew supplies and offers brew education in addition to creating a selection of IPAs, blondes and ales on the premises. A regular fan favorite is their Grapefruit Rye.

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