2015: Mispillion River vs DuClaw

2015 Brewbracket Round of 32


Mispillion River   VS   DuClaw of Maryland
The winner is ... Mispillion River
Mispillion River
81% (263 votes)
19% (62 votes)
Total votes: 325

What's in an address? DuClaw Brewing Co., out of Baltimore, is located along the Yellow Brick Road (8901 Suite B, to be exact). Mispillion River Brewing occupies real estate on Mullet Run St. in Milford, Del. Whichever you choose, you're beating a path to some good beer. 

DuClaw, which started in Bel Air circa 1995, makes a wide variety of seasonal beer, from 13 Degrees, a hefeweizen, and Mayhem, a weizenbach (both avaialable this time of year) to 31, a pumpkin-spiced lager (available in time for this year's Odessa Brewfest on Sept. 12). DuClaw also operates popular brewpubs in Bel Air, Arundel, Bowie and BWI, prerty much spanning Maryland's I-95 corridor. 

Mispillion River, a relative newcomer to the craft brewery scene, launched operations near its namesake body of water in historic Miford in the fall of 2013. Mispillion quickly gained a reputation for its Reach Around and Black Tie IPAs, as well as Holy Crap! red ale. Just this week (Aug. 5), Mispillion lauched Space Otter pale ale. With a name like Space Otter, its got to be good.

Vote for your favorite and give us a shout-out on Twitter and Facebook! Be sure to get your ticket for the brewfest— Sept. 12 in historic Odessa, Del. 

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