Cisco vs Sea Dog

2015 Brewbracket Round of 32


Cisco Brewing   VS   Sea Dog
The winner is ... Sea Dog
45% (14 votes)
Sea Dog
55% (17 votes)
Total votes: 31

This is the busy season at Cisco Brewers. As people flock (or shall we say float) to Nantucket for vacation, they will discover the charms of the island as well as of Cisco's beer, which includes such favorites as Sankaty Light Lager (a summertime classic), Whale's Tale Pale Ale and Shark Tracker.

Meanwhile up in Maine, it's also high season for visitors. Guests in the city of Bangor, Topsham or South Portland will be dining at one of Sea Dog's three brewpubs in the state (there's also one in New Hampshire and two in Florida), where they will enjoy award-winning brews like Owl's Head Light, Blueberry Wheat and Old Gollywobbler Brown. 

It's a New England brewer's matchup in the Odesa Brewfest Brewbracket! Vote for your favorite and like us on Facebook and Twitter for a chance to win shirts, caps, keychains and other swag at the Odessa Brewfest, which comes to historic Odessa. Del. on Sept 12.  

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