Brewfest News

I am not a beer drinker, but if I were to be transported back 300 years to colonial Delaware, and specifically Historic Odessa, from where I am writing this column, not only would I be imbibing the amber brew on a daily basis, but I would most likely be homebrewing it as well.

Eat This, Not That!, the world's #1 nutrition website, has chosen the Historic Odessa Brewfest as the #1 brewfest in the State of Delaware.

Tapping into a love of history and local brews, the ninth annual Historic Odessa Brewfest will be held Saturday, September 10 from noon to 5 p.m. Over 50 regional and national craft breweries will be pouring beers.

You can't bring your children or pets… but we’ve compiled a Top 10 List of Things you CAN (and should) bring to Brewfest!

Win amazing prizes and brewery merchandise at the 2022 Historic Odessa Brewfest by posting your very own BrewSelfie on Saturday, September 10.