Top 10 Things To Bring To Brewfest

You can't bring your children or pets… but we’ve compiled a Top 10 List of Things you CAN (and should) bring to Brewfest!

Don't worry about bringing water bottles, tasting mugs, or folding chairs. The Historic Odessa Foundation has you covered! Mugs and bottled water are part of the deal, and there are plenty of covered tent spaces, places to sit and eat, and areas to lounge. Just bring your winning smile… and everything listed below.

1. Ticket & Photo ID

  • Having a ticket is crucial; you won't be able to enter the Brewfest without one. Photo ID is also a requirement.

2. Cell Phone

  • If you don't want to print out your ticket, you can always bring your phone so we can digitally scan the ticket.
  • There will also be an #OdessaBrewSelfie contest throughout the day. Multiple winners will be selected every hour!
  • We're also hoping you'll help capture the day on all social media platforms. Don't forget to tag us at @OdessaBrewfest and #OdessaBrewfest.

3. Comfortable Shoes

4. Sunglasses/Hat/Sun Screen

  • It's going to a beautiful day, so don't forget to bring sun protection.
  • And remember, the Brewfest is a rain or shine event. It's always best to be prepared with an umbrella just in case. 

5. Pretzel Necklace

  • The ultimate Brewfest accessory! Historic Odessa Foundation volunteers will be hard at work stringing pretzels together just for you. Now you'll have easily-accessible snack and palate cleanser -- it's also a great way to keep track of the number of beers you've had.
  • Feel like making your own? Just string some pretzels together and put them around your neck. Easy peasy.

6. Your Appetite

  • The food at Brewfest is amazing! Cantwell's Tavern is providing the best fresh-grilled plates and sandwiches; there will also be food trucks, ice-cream, and more available for your enjoyment.

7. Your Friends

8. Your Discerning Palate

  • Craft brewers want your input. There will be 100+ beers available! So bring your cell phone, Untappd, and your palate and become the critic you've always dreamed of being. Use @OdessaBrewfest and #OdessaBrewfest to let us know what you think.

9. Backpack/Purse

  • Not only will there be plenty of vendors at Brewfest, but the 50+ breweries will be handing out free merchandise! And don't forget the prizes you could win from the #OdessaBrewSelfie contest. You’ll definitely need a way to tote it all home.

10. Designated Driver

  • After a long day of drinking, pass your keys to a DD before getting behind the wheel. Plan ahead. Consider bringing a designated driver with you to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones.
  • Designated Driver tickets are available at the door for $15. Free water and soft drinks are included in the ticket price.

The Odessa Brewfest is a fundraiser for the Historic Odessa Foundation, which benefits the preservation and conservation of the town’s museum properties in one of Delaware’s must-see locations.

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