Media Outlets Talking About the Odessa Brewfest

Delaware Online
Newark Life
Beer review blog with a devoted readership of 2,000+ followers
Dining in Lancaster County
BeerAdvocate is the go-to beer resource for millions of consumers each month and the benchmark for beer reviews. is the best way to share and discover beer festivals locally and nationwide
DRAFT Magazine
Your main source for arts events in the State of Delaware
Local newspaper serving surrounding Swarthmore, PA areas.
A local newspaper serving the Delaware area covering community news.
One of the oldest newspapers in Maryland's Eastern Shore covering politics, sports, business and local news
LCM logo white on green
Southern Chester County Weeklies
1450 WILM News Radio
social media handle exclusively devoted to news related to the Wilmington, Delaware area and other nearby counties
Great Beer Now
VacationIdea logo
Fox Sports 1290AM Wilmington
Local newspaper serving the Middletown, Delaware area.
logo for the fairs and festivals website where art and fun mean business
Only In Your State Logo
94.7 WDSD
The newspaper for southern New Castle County, Delaware since 1868. Published weekly each Thursday.
A news and talk radio station in Wilmington, Delaware
County Lines Magazine
Delaware's radio station
Delaware Business Times
Delaware Tourism Discoveries
A community newspaper covering news, arts, events and lifestyle in Pennsylvania
Alvare Marketing Communications
Delaware Acre Sunflower
Delaware Today
job / event board for live events
CBS Philly
The Beer Connoisseur
A new venture in local news and launched in August, 2012 covering local news in Chester County, Pennsylvania..
Philadelphia Magazine
Out & About Magazine
What's Up? Magazine