Brewfest News

The 4th Annual Odessa Brewfest will held on September 9th, 2017.

Navigate your way around the 2016 #OdessaBrewfest with your handy keepsake map. The 2016 Odessa Brewfest presented by Wilmington Trust.

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Warmup for the #OdessaBrewfest '16 by posting your very own BrewSefie. All #OdessaBrewSelfie prizes will be awarded on September 10th at the Historic Odessa Brewfest in Odessa DE. Test out your #OdessaBrewSelfie skills today by posting through Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram. Just tag your photo #OdessaBrewSelfie and tell us what you think of the Odessa Brewfest.

The Beer

From Anchor to Allagash and Twin Lakes to Two Roads, the #OdessaBrewfest has widest selection of the best regional and national craft beers. With over 40 attending breweries, this festival has the perfect brew just for you! 

Rich Wagner knows history. He also knows beer, and stirs the two together in fascinating demonstrations of 18th century brewing methods. He’ll be presenting his techniques—in full period dress—at the Odessa Brewfest on Sept. 10.