Delaware is Home to Many Odessa Fan Favorites

The First State is a "hop-bed" of craft brewing. Some of the finest beer in the world is brewed within its borders. This is evident at the Odessa Brewfest, which is always host to some of Delaware's finest beers! Don't believe us? Well, let the fans speak for themselves - every year the Odessa Brewbracket winner has been a Delaware brewery!

Below are 11 local Delware breweries that have made appreances at the Odessa Brewfest over the past three years.

1. 3rd Wave Brewing Co. 

You take a bit of the surf and sands home with you when you buy 3rd Wave beer. Hailing from Delmar, it’s all about the beach lifestyle at 3rd Wave. With beers like Bombora Double IPA, Sunset Peach Wheat, Sandstorm Belgium Triple, and 1st Wave IPA, you’ll feel like grabbing a surfboard and heading for the dunes!

Notably, 3rd Wave won the inaugural Odessa Brewbracket championship back in 2014.

2. Mispillion River Brewing

Named for the river that winds its way through Milford, Mispillion offers a tasty menu of year-round brews including their Black Tie IPA and Space Otter APA.

Fans agree that Mispillion offers a great selection of craft beers when Mispillion walked away from the 2015 Odessa Brewfest as our Brewbracket champion and finished 2016 as the Odessa Brewbracket runner up.

3. Blue Earl Brewing

Dubbed "the brew for your soul", Blue Earl draws the soulfulness and the earthiness of blues music to create delicious beer. The simplicity of the blues style bleeds through in their Honeysuckle Rose Belgian Blonde Ale and Walking Blues IPA. The town of Smyrna is happy to have Blue Earl on their side!

During their debut at the Odessa Brewfest, Blue Earl was crowned the 2016 Brewbracket champion!

4. 16 Mile Brewery

From Georgetown comes 16 Mile Brewery, home of bold session ales like Curvy Blonde Ale and Old Court Ale. Located in a refurbished barn, the folks at 16 Mile see themselves as ambassadors of both Delaware and excellence in craft brewing.

5. Dogfish Head

The ales of Dogfish Head Brewery in Milton are known around the world. Since 1995, Dogfish Head has been raising the brewer's bar with storied concoctions like its Punkin Ale, 90 Minute IPA, and American Beauty Imperial Pale Ale. In addition to its line of ales and seasonal brews, Dogfish Head has collaborated with a number of partners to re-create ancient beer recipes and concoct beer-wine hybrids.

6. Fordham & Dominion Brewing Co. 

Once two separate breweries, Old Dominion Brewing Co. (formally in Ashburn, VA) and Fordham Brewing Co. (originally located in Annapolis, MD) joined forces in 2007 before settling their new consolidated operations in Dover to become Fordham & Dominion. We're all glad they joined forces because then Delaware would be down one brewery and you wouldn't be able to enjoy such beers like their Abbey Belgian Ale and Spiced Harvest Ale

7. Stewart's Brewing Company

Established in 1995 in Bear, Stewart’s was New Castle County’s first brewpub. Now their award winning brewery is second to none in the First State. Stewart's starts with six full time ales and adds over 40 rotating seasonal brews to keep things interesting all year. Some of their most popular beer includes Governor’s Golden Ale, Irish Red Ale, Highlander Stout, and Wacky Wheat.

8. Big Oyster Brewery

Located in downtown Rehoboth Beach, Big Oyster Brewery embraced the age-old tradition of pairing beer with oysters. They brew a variety of high-quality craft beers including East Coast and West Coast IPAs, Bavarian and Belgian Wheat Beers, and German and American Lagers.

9. Twin Lakes Brewing Co.

Twin Lakes Brewing Co., located in Greenville, preserves the traditional brewery methods by making beer that is steam brewed, gravity-fed, unfiltered and unpasteurized - as evident in their Greenville Pale Ale. Twin Lakes uses only the finest grains, 100% whole-flower hops, and cultured yeast.

10. Frozen Toes Brewing

Established in 2014, Frozen Toes Brewing offers 30 different ales at their location in Pizza By Elizabeth's in Greenville. A true Delaware brewer, Frozen Toes has partnered with Mispillion River to create new and unique brews. In 2015, Frozen Toes/Pizza by Elizabeth was voted "Best Microbrewery" in Northern Delaware.

11. First State Brewing Company

Newest to the Delaware beer scene is First State Brewing Company. Named after Delaware's status as the first state ratified in the United States Constitution in 1787, First State proudly represents Delaware by crafting a variety of superior quality beers and ciders with the highest quality ingredients available globally and locally. First State's new 11,000 sq. ft. brewery is opening in Middletown.