Brewfest News

When we think of cheese pairings, we tend to think of wine (blame the French), but in some parts of the world, cheese and beer are considered a natural combination.

Seven new breweries have joined the lineup of beers from across the land to be poured at the Historic Odessa Brewfest on Sept. 6. The latest featured on tap are:

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Delaware may be known for beaches, Brandywine estates and Blue Hens, but the First State is also a hotbed (or should we say ”hop-bed”) of brewing.

Is your taste in music as eclectic as your taste in beer? If so, you can’t go wrong at the Odessa Brewfest. Enjoy tasty tunes along with tasty brews in historic Odessa, Del. on Sept. 6 as we welcome to the stage reggae evangelists Spokey Speaky and country crossover specialists Philbilly.