Troegs Vs Stewarts

2015 Brewbracket Round of 32


Tröegs Independent Brewing   VS   Stewart's Brewing Co.
The winner is ... Tröegs Independent Brewing
52% (50 votes)
48% (46 votes)
Total votes: 96

The people have spoken, and we are down to two breweries fighting for the chance to enter our brewbracket contest regular round of 32, which gets going after the holiday. Who should advance? Should it be Pennsylvania's Tröegs, maker of favorites like Hop Back and Dreamweaver? Or Delaware's Stewarts, brewer of fine Hefeweizen, Coffee Porter et all out of its popular brewpub located in Bear?

Vote for one of these two breweries and help your favorite advance to the next stage! Like this match-up on Facebook or Twitter for the chance to win prizes at this year's brewfest, which takes place Sept 12 at the 1769 Warner-Wilson house in Odessa, Delaware.

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