Revelation is Nothing Short of A Miracle

At just a year old, Revelation Craft Brewing ascended into the Delaware brewery scene with its line of craft beers steeped with depth, character, and flavor that rival even the most divine veteran microbreweries.

Located in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, the Revelation Craft Brewing Company believes that, with a solid core in fundamentals of process and quality, the boundaries craft brewing are limitless. 

Divinely Crafted Beer

At Revelation, their divine inspiration comes from the ingredients they choose to brew. Here are just four of the fan favorites that Revelation offers:

1. Mamajuana Brown Ale

If you are looking more for an earthy winter spiced ale, Mamajuana is the brown ale for you! Brewed with a blend of brown coffee malt, aromatic malt, Caramunich and lactose, this beer has a wonderfully sweet finish.

This beautiful brown ale is named after the Mamajuana wood that Revelation's brew master brought back from the Dominican Republic to use in aging the ale. Mamajuana is known in the Dominican for its aphrodisiac and healing properties -- perfect for either finding love or healing a broken heart.

2. Wharf Lager

The Wharf Lager is a California Common (a lager fermented at ale temperatures) that is nice and easy to drink and refreshes the palate. The brewing style of the California Common brings out the already subtle piney notes from the Chinook hops, all while keeping the smooth and crisp drinkability of a lager.

3. Puffa Puffa Graf Cider

This beer/cider hybrid is 100% Gluten free. The Puffa Puffa was brewed with a biscuit rice malt and puffed red rice instead of a grain to create the perfect balance of body and nuttiness to compliment the apple aromas and flavors. 

It's a whole new apprach to everyone's favorite classic hard cider.

4. Conan the Juiceman

An New England style IPA, Conan the Juiceman uses a Barbarian yeast strain to boost the natural stone fruit juicy aroma with a clean finish. But to make it even more daring, Revelation added an extra 3.5 pounds of Azacca, Mosaic and Mandarina Bavaria hops per barrel to create a great haze and tropical aromas. Talk about a mouthful!

Sample more brews at Revelation's Brewhouse

Revelation's special blend of flavors are based on local and seasonal influences and allow them to create some truly memorable craft beers.

While Revelation's line up on tap is constantly changing, you can be assured that there will always be something to your liking if you stop into their brewhouse and tastings pub in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. See all the beers currently on tap »

Try Revelation at the 2017 Odessa Brewfest

This year, Revelation makes it way to Odessa, Delaware to pour its heavenly brews for all our guests. While the brewery is still in its infancy, it is definitely making a splash in the independent craft brewery scene. But don't take our word for it, try it for yourself on September 9.

Attend this year's festival and try a Revelation beer before all your friends, and discover this truly amazing slice of heaven. One sip and you're garenteed to be on Cloud Nine.

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