Cheese With Your Beer?

When we think of cheese pairings, we tend to think of wine (blame the French), but in some parts of the world, cheese and beer are considered a natural combination. The Trappist monks at Chimay are known for their cheeses as well as their famous beer, and in many parts of Europe, cheese is bathed in beer, to delicious effect.

You can try some beer-cheese pairings of your own at the Odessa Brewfest. Fromage A Cheese Boutique out of Middletown, a Best Of Delaware 2014 winner, will offer plates of cheeses paired with different styles of beer (and for you oenophiles, wine, too). 

Update May 2015: The second annual brewfest takes place Sept 12, 2015 (tickets go on sale June 1). Fromage a Cheese Boutique is returning for a second year. 

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New Brewery: Mispillion River

A new brewery has also been added to the mix. Mispillion River, out of Milford, offers a delicious selection of IPAs, a porter, a Belgian pale ale, and a variety of specialty and seasonal brews.

Two more great reasons to make your way to beautiful, historic Odessa, Del. on Sept. 6, 2014 for the Odessa Brewfest, which benefits the conservation efforts of the Historic Odessa Foundation. For more information and to purchase tickets, go to OdessaBrewfest.Com.