Yards vs Evil Genius

2017 Brewbracket Opening Round of 32


Yards Brewery   VS   founders Luke Bowen and Trevor Hayward met in an accounting class at Villanova University
The winner is ... Yards Brewery
57% (117 votes)
Evil Genius
43% (90 votes)
Total votes: 207

In this round of the #OdessaBrewbracket, Yards and Evil Genius are going head-to-head in a conflict of traditional versus inventive and experimental beer.

Yards has ties to British inspired ales, striving to achieve balance and subtlety through careful selection of ingredients and an unwavering commitment to artisanal production practices. Fan favorites include the Love Stout and Thomas Jefferson's Tavern Ale. They reach for inspiration from the olden British times, which directly clashes with Evil Genius' beer philosophy. Evil Genius is all about craft beer and experimentation--founded by two local Villanova grads who needed a better job prospect after the recession. Evil Genius brews unusual beers, where favorites include Ma! The Meatloaf! and similarly hilariously titled names. Both beers are about quality even if their beer philosophies are directly contrary of old versus new.

Which brewery wins? It's your vote!

These two Philadelphia breweries need your vote if they're going to advance to the next round!  

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