Fordham & Dominion vs Weyerbacher

2016 Brewbracket Round of 16


Fordham and Dominion Brewing   VS   Weyerbacher Brewing Company was founded in 1995 by Dan and Sue Weirback
The winner is ... Fordham and Dominion Brewing
Fordham & Dominion
59% (145 votes)
41% (102 votes)
Total votes: 247

Fordham & Dominion defated Lancaster by a close margin, while Weyerbacher had an easier time of it against Flying Dog as we move from the Round of 32 to the Round of 16 in the #OdessaBrewbracket '16.

You won't see Lancaster at the brewfest this year (at least they are yet to come on board), but of the 65 breweries, wineries and distillaries heading to #OdessaBrewfest '16 you will have the oppertunity to taste Flying Dog brews as well as the two who have moved on to this round ( Fordham & Dominion and Weyerbacher ). 

We've yet to get the brew list for Fordham & Dominion, but Weyerbacher has listed their Imperial Pumpkin Ale and Line Street Pils as two to look for at the brewfest. Fordham & Dominion's Spiced Harvest Ale should matchup nicely with Weyerbacher Pumpkin

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