2018: Yards vs Bellefonte

2018 Brewbracket Final Matchup


unwavering commitment to artisanal production practices   VS   a selection of IPAs, blondes and ales
The winner is ... a selection of IPAs, blondes and ales
32% (305 votes)
68% (635 votes)
Total votes: 940

After an intense set of matches in the Final Four, Yards and Bellefonte advance to the final round of the #OdessaBrewbracket.

Over 1,000 fans took to the polls to vote for three-time semi-finalist Yards or Delaware's own 16 Mile. Yards and 16 Mile continuously ran neck-to-neck, each taking turns with the lead until the last week when Yards pulled ahead by 180 votes to advance to the finals. But these numbers could not compare to the Blue Earl vs Bellefonte showdown. 

In an amazing upset, first-time contestant Bellefonte claimed victory over two-time Champion Blue Earl. This match-up racked in almost double the votes compared to 16 Mile vs Yards. Blue Earl contained a steady stream of votes throughout the match with 1,251 fans voting for their soulful American beer. Meanwhile, Bellefonte came in strong with 1,601 votes from home-brew fans, winning by a 350 vote lead. 

Fans will have to come out in full force if they want their favorite brewery to win the #OdessaBrewbracket.


Yards draws inspiration from history, specifically British inspired ales, and strives to achieve balance and subtlety through careful selection of ingredients and an unwavering commitment to artisanal production practices. You'll always be able to find a fan of Yards' Love Stout and Thomas Jefferson's Tavern Ale in any crowd.


Hailing from Wilmington, Delaware, Bellefonte Brewing Co. hosts sixteen taps of their own beers including two for Nitro and two dedicated to sours and specialty beers. A regular fan favorite is their Grateful Haze, silver medalist at the 2018 World Beer Cup.

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