Bottle Slumpers Brings Beer-Themed Novelties to Brewfest

Is it ever good to be in a slump? It is if that slump comes from Bottle Slumpers. Created by Sue & Richie Michael of Earleville, Md., Bottle Slumpers offers an extensive selection of beer, wine and liquor bottles recycled into unique cheese plates, spoonrests, nut and candy dishes and wall decorations. 

“Slumping” is the term used when a glass bottle reaches the proper temperature, collapses and goes flat. Slumping turns an ordinary bottle into a useful item—with a twist. The Michaels painstakingly peel the labels off of bottles before slumping and reapply them once the bottle is cool and flat. The result? A unique item that makes a great gift or conversation piece. 

“Removing the labels from the bottles is the hardest part of the whole operation,” Sue Michael says. “There are no easy foolproof ways, just lots of patience!”

Bottle Slumpers: From bar hop to business 

The inspiration for Bottle Slumpers came a few years ago during a snowstorm. 

“Five years ago, we were snowed in,” she remembers. “My pottery clay & glazes were frozen, so to keep from killing each other, we walked to the local bar, got some bottles and gave slumping a try!” 

What the Michaels thought would “just be a phase” has turned into a vocation. 

“We continue to amaze our customers,” Michael says. “Our bottles stand out from other slumpers because of our ability to remove and re-apply the original labels.”

These unique creations are hand washable and make novel and affordable gifts. Most of them can be hung on the wall as a fun and distinctive decorative piece.  

Be sure to stop by the Michaels' booth at the Odessa Brewfest on Sept. 12, just one of the arts and crafts vendors who will be on hand at the second annual beer festival.