Devils Backbone

Devils Backbone

Opening its doors in 2008, the Devils Backbone Brewing Company took inspiration from the classic brewing traditions of Germany, England, and Belgium that brought vibrant new flavors and ideas to the world of beer. Devils Backbone utilizes traditional ingredients and processes for classically inspired beers as well as having the flexibility to use unconventional techniques and ingredients for more eclectic brews.

After becoming a regional success, Devils Backbone broke ground on the Outpost facility, in Lexington, Virginia. Originally projected to produce 10,000 barrels of beer in its first ten years, the Outpost produced almost 45,000 barrels in its first three, bringing world-class beer to people in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C.

Their mission is "to enrich our community by enhancing back porches, campfires, dinner tables, hiking summits, fishing boats, beach chairs, pig roasts, tailgates, crab feasts, ball games, ski lodges, strummin’ sessions, and anywhere else you find yourself enjoying life."Years ago, their founders, Steve and Heidi Crandall, were on a ski trip in the Alps when they tried their first craft beer, a German Weisse at a brewpub. To satisfy their thirst for a local haunt that served craft European-style beers, they started a whole brewery complete with a full-on brewpub for locals and visitors. It became a place where folks could drink and tell stories about their time on the trail or ski slope. 

Buck Tradition. Join the herd.

They named it Devils Backbone, the same name some brave surveyors, including Thomas Jefferson’s dad, Peter, called this hard-to-summit mountain region almost 300 years ago. 

The Devils Backbone Brewing Company has won several national titles, as well as regional titles, for their creative craft beers. View all their accolades »