Paradocx Vineyard

This vineyard is nestled among the rolling hills of southern Chester County, Pennsylvania. Combining current technology and handcrafted secrets, Paradocx Vineyard creates unique wines with from homegrown grapes.

Moderating influences of the Chesapeake and Delaware bays and the southern sloping mica soils afford Paradocx a unique mesoclimate in the region. This mesoclimate coupled with state-of-the-art viticulture practices, create a winning combination for this 10,000 case winery. By providing only the finest grapes that the Paradocx site has to offer, the vineyard is able to afford their winemaker with the best possible start for a quality wine in the bottle.

Paradocx Vineyard is owned and operated by the Hoffman and Harris Families. The name of the winery is a play on words, as the four principles are practicing physicians (Pair of Docs). In addition to a full-time staff, members of both families and committed friends tend to make the winery a successful venture.