Old Court Ale vs Lower DeBoom

It's a legal matter, baby! Today we cross examine two beers predicated on something of a legal theme, starting with 16 Mile Brewery's Old Court Ale. Named for an historic courthouse in Delaware, Old Court is a tangy, malty treat, not too heavy, with a nice mild hoppiness—sort of laissez faire in terms of the demands it puts on your palate.

Lower DeBoom, on the other hand, is here to direct and guide your feelings about barley wine. An 11.5% ABV beer in an 8.4 oz can, Lower DeBoom lays down the law as regards the Big Beer experience, prescribing pungent, citrusy hops, a mashed fruity sweetness and strong notes of malt and alcohol. Coming from the 21st Amendment Brewery, this brew certainly stands alongside Old Court as a celebration of the freedoms guaranteed beer lovers under the Constitution.