Winners of the Odessa Brewbracket's First Round

The first round of the Odessa Brewbracket has finally closed, with a varied selection of winners! Whether you're all about the traditional brew or experimental beer, the first round certainly highlighted everyone's tastes. From the original breweries fans have voted on 16 breweries to advance onto the next round.  

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With your passionate votes, below are the breweries that won your favor! All three past champs have made it to the next round of the 2017 #OdessaBrewbracket.

1. Heavy Seas

Heavy Seas won against Sly Fox with a 30+ vote lead, in a heated competition to the very end.

2. Sixpoint

Sixpoint went against Tall Tales in a matchup that contested homebrew versus experimental flavor... Sixpoint came out on top with a 18 vote lead. 

3. Flying Fish

Flying Fish and Smuttynose were so close that they almost tied! But Flying Fish prevailed, with 80 votes over 78 for Smuttynose!

4. Weyerbacher

In one of the most particiapted matches in this round, Weyerbacher competed with Lancaster to earn an 82 point lead, with a total of 206 votes versus Lancaster's 124 votes.

5. Yards

Yards gained a 27 point lead over Evil Genius in the last 24 hours, earning a spot in the second round as a brewery that focuses on artisanal brewing practices inspired by olden British times.

6. Bell's

Bell's Brewery inched to the Brewbracket's second round with 12 votes over Neshaminy Creek, making it clear that Bell's oats-inspired twist on classic ingredients is a fan-favorite winner.

7. Victory

Victory swept past Brooklyn with an 83 point lead, winning with 159 votes to Brooklyn's 76 votes. It was a true "victory" for Victory Beer!

8. Evolution

Evolution's small batch, creative beers won against 16 Mile in a crushing landslide, with 348 votes versus 16 Mile's 135 votes.

9. DuClaw

In a battle of beers and logos, DuClaw won against Ommegang in a 40 point lead.

10. Twin Lakes

Twin Lakes won by exactly 50 votes against Troegs, showing that their passion for Fresh-Local-Delicious beer hasn't failed yet.

11. RaR

In a very close match, RaR earned 149 votes compared to Fordham & Dominion's 139 votes. RaR's American and Belgian inspired brews with citrusy flavor propells them into the second round.

12. Dogfish Head

Dogfish Head won in a landslide vote against Blue Point, with 201 votes to Blue Point's 75, proving that fans prefer to head down memory lane with Dogfish Head's nostalgia-inspired beers.

13. 2SP

2SP proved that unpretentious beer can be a winner, where simplicity is key at gaining votes compared to its competitor, Flying Dog. 2SP won with a 41 vote lead against Flying Dog.

14. Mispillion River

Mispillion River, the 2015 #OdessaBrewbracket winner, had a 74 vote lead against Otter Creek, showing where fan loyalties truly lead.

15. 3rd Wave

As the 2014 #OdessaBrewbracket winner, 3rd Wave had an over 70 vote lead against Coney Island.

16. Blue Earl

Winner of the 2016 #OdessaBrewbracket, Blue Earl again proved its fan-favorite popularity by maintaining a 150 vote lead against Long Trail.

These first round winners will advance to the next round of 16, where they'll compete against each other. Whoever wins is, again, up to your popular vote! Even better, like the match-ups on Facebook or Twitter to be entered to win prizes at this year's Brewfest on September 9th.