Get Into the American Spirit by Drinking American Spirits!

Are you ready to relax for Independence Day? We say the best way to chill out is by drinking some truly great American brews. Some of the finest beer in the world is brewed in the United States, including a varied selection of fan favorites. This is obvious when you attend the annual Odessa Brewfest, which hosts over 70+ breweries that are proud of their American heritage and American-style beer.

Whether you're kicking back at the shore or grilling up a storm, you'll need a beer for the occasion - so get in the American spirit by drinking American spirits!

What to Expect from All-American Beers at Odessa Brewfest

1. American Pale Lager

The most common style of beer, produced by many big breweries, is American lager. Some of Odessa Brewfest's small breweries, however, produce various styles like amber ale, cream ale, and California common. America's devoted craft beer scene has also produced major winning styles like American Pale Ale, American IPA, Black IPA and American "Double" or "Imperial" IPA.

2. Big, Experimental Flavor

The breweries at Odessa Brewfest love creating new experimental flavors combined with a quality brew to surprise and delight your tastebuds. Depending on the brewery, you can find fruity, spicy or tangy flavors highlighted - perfect for any discerning beer lover!

3. A Unique Selection of Winners

It's no surprise that American beer has won every #OdessaBrewbracket. We're lucky to have past winners like 3rd Wave (2014 Winner), Mispillion River (2015 Winner), and Blue Earl (2016 Winner) share their delicious American-style brews with us!

Check out our 2017 participating breweries here »

While the list of breweries is comprehensive, we update regularly until September! So keep your eye out for more announcements about the 70+ attending breweries at the annual Odessa Brewfest!