Rich Wagner Colonial Brewing Demonstration

Rich Wagner and assistant make beer at the brewfest

Rich Wagner presents 18th century brewing methods in a historically accurate manner from start to finish, including the use of copper kettles and wooden barrels to transform hops and grains. He even utilizes sunlight to measure cooking times, while in full period dress. He'll pour the hops and grains from a wooden barrel into a cauldron heated by a burning fire and stir vigorously.

This historically accurate re-enactment even references Odessa, Delaware's past as an important grain port back in the 18th century on the Appoquinimink River, where no doubt much of the grain was used in the process of making beer!

Watching the demonstration is a must-see, if only because it's a true display of skill and insight into how America's founders used to enjoy their beer. Back then, you'd have to wait three weeks for brewed beer to be ready for consumption! Thankfully, now, you can sample a variety of beers from the prestigious breweries at Odessa Brewfest without waiting so long. You can sip on your ice-cold beer, close your eyes and imagine yourself transported back to the 18th century.