16 Mile vs Yards

16 Mile
37% (314 votes)
63% (541 votes)
Total votes: 855

Both 16 Mile and Yards pulled off two close victories, each winning by a narrow margin. While 16 Mile maintained a small but steady lead over Dogfish Head (winning by only 19 votes), Yards faced off against Heavy Seas for the most intense matches of the Round 3. Yards and Heavy Seas continuously ran neck-to-neck, each taking turns with the lead. But in the last two days Yards pulled ahead by 24 votes to take the victory. 

Fans will have to come out in full force if they want their favorite brewery to advance to the Finals.

16 Mile

Discover southern Delaware beyond the beaches, and find yourself in a place that used to be 16 miles from anywhere. 16 Mile was founded in 2009 with the mission to brew bold session ales in historical Georgetown, Delaware. 16 Mile offers a take on beer that is steeped in the past, evident in their citrus hopped Old Court Ale.


Yards draws inspiration from history, specifically British inspired ales, and strives to achieve balance and subtlety through careful selection of ingredients and an unwavering commitment to artisanal production practices. You'll always be able to find a fan of Yards' Love Stout and Thomas Jefferson's Tavern Ale in any crowd.

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Both breweries have a great selection of historical craft beers for you to sample, from Ales to IPAs. Cast your vote to see who advances to the Finals.

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Year and Round: 
2018 Brewbracket Semifinal Round