Tröegs vs Midnight Oil

51% (126 votes)
Midnight Oil
49% (119 votes)
Total votes: 245

Fan favorite Tröegs is heavy competition for Delaware's underdog Midnight Oil in the second round of the #OdessaBrewbracket.


Tröegs is a collaboration between two brothers, with a whimsical beer menu that matches the company's spirit of creativity and ingenuity, located in Hershey, PA. Choose from drinks like the Tröegenator, a Double Bock craft beer that's thick with caramel, chocolate and stone fruit flavor. It's an unusual combo that will surprise your taste buds in a decadent, crisp finish.

Midnight Oil

As you might suspect, the beers produced by Midnight Oil are best enjoyed at the end of a day of hard productive work. Midnight Oil is dedicated to working hard and working late to provide others who work hard and late with the most enjoyable and refreshing beers, like their Impulse IPA and XII Pale Ale.

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2019 Brewbracket Round of 16