Yards vs Lancaster

2015 Brewbracket Round of 16


Yards Brewery   VS   Lancaster Brewing
The winner is ... Yards Brewery
79% (30 votes)
21% (8 votes)
Total votes: 38

Traditionally, the farms of Lancaster County were the breadbasket of the City of Philadelphia. Imagine hops being brought in by buggy to flavor the ales of the Revolution. Well, you can celebrate this history with two famous local brewers. 

Philadelphia's Yard's Brewery is the maker of Ales of the Revolution, brews such as Tavern Ale and Tavern Spruce produced in honor of Jefferson, Washington and Franklin. Lancaster Brewing Company offers Hop Buggy amber ale, Lancaster Lager and Milk Stout—the hop, the grain and the dairy. It's a veritable cornucopia!

Vore for your favorite above and get your tickets to the Odessa Brewfest, which takes place Sept. 12. 

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